Frequently Asked Questions


I just joined my local box, are the Barbell WOD programs designed to be stand alone programs or can I also include Metcon's and Gymnastic/Skill work within my training week as well?

The Barbell WOD programs are both designed for those competing as fitness athletes, and each Mesocycle is built to be done in conjunction with Metcon and Gymnastic/Skill work prescribed by your box or on your own.  


Is there any information on how to integrate my Metcon's & Skill work within The Barbell WOD programming each week?

For ideas on how to integrate all facets of your training each week, download your free Metcon List and Schedule below.

For additional Free Metcon resources, follow @BoundToTheGrind on Instagram.  


What is the difference between the Barbell WOD and the Barbell WOD Plus Programs?

The Barbell WOD - Expect three (3) Strength Workouts per week built into an annual program designed to build bigger, faster, stronger athletes.

The Barbell WOD Plus - Expect five (5) Strength Workouts per week built into an annual program periodized to peak athletes for the highest level of competition. 


Both Programs are.. 

  • Designed to be completed in under one hour
  • Exercise Demo Videos, Points of Performance, Access to Coaches
  • Access your programming, track your progress and interact with teammates on the TrainHeroic App
  • Daily Programming includes: a combination of Oly Lifts, Squatting, Pressing and Pulling + Accessory work
  • Built using California Strength's Percentage + Progressive Overload System to prevent burn out and break through plateaus


When should I test new 1RM's?

You are always encouraged to test a new 1RM across any lift, especially if you feel that your current 1RM's are not true to your current strength levels.  As the programming progresses over the course of a year, there will be organic opportunities to test along the way.  


Is there a long-term contract?

No contracts, all subscriptions are available month-to-month.  However, you can save by purchasing a year's worth of programming! 


Once I sign up through TrainHeroic, can I view past workouts?

Yes!  As a subscriber you can view up to 6 months of previous programming.  Your workout data will always be saved as long as you are subscribed.


What does it cost?

$15 / month for The Barbell WOD (3 workouts per week) and $20 / month for The Barbell WOD Plus (5 workouts per week)


How can I contact a Barbell WOD Coach? 

For any questions, please email

The Barbell WOD on TrainHeroic


What is the optimum way to sign up for The Barbell WOD or Barbell WOD Plus on TrainHeroic?

Sign up is easiest to complete on a desktop or laptop computer, using the Chrome Web Browser.  After selecting The Barbell WOD program that best suits your training goals, you will be prompted to create a free TrainHeroic account (either by email/username, Facebook login or FrontDesk Login).

After creating your TrainHeroic login and purchasing your programming subscription, be sure to download the free TrainHeroic mobile app (available for both ios and Android) where you can login to access your Barbell WOD programming, leaderboard and Feed on the go!


The app isn't running as smoothly as it should be, is there anyway to troubleshoot this?

Make sure that your phone and the TrainHeroic application itself is up to date.  TrainHeroic is constantly providing updates and new features that require an occasional update on your end. 


How do I reach technical support for TrainHeroic?

Please email with any technical issues or questions!

Barbell WOD Cycle / Training Terminology


What is a Mesocycle? 

Each Barbell WOD and Barbell WOD Plus Mesocycle (also referred to as a cycle) is 4 weeks in length.  Building off of the principles of block periodization, we use the same program structure to teach new skills, improve technique and spark stimulus.  Every Mesocycle has a different name (ex. Jacked and Tan, Rise and Grind, To Intensity and Beyond) and each Mesocycle has a unique focus depending on the time of year in the training Macrocycle (from a year's point of view).


How is each Mesocycle structured?

Every cycle is structured in the following format:

Week 1 of the cycle - You are asked to complete all work sets at the prescribed percentage of one rep max (1RM) for that particular lift. 

Week's 2, 3 and 4 of the cycle - You are asked to follow a LWP (Linear Weight Progression) where you will increase from your Week 1 numbers each week until the completion of that cycle. 

The LWP is for each exercise is unique to the weight used for Week 1 of each cycle.  This same LWP will be applied every week going forward. Please see the example below.

Target 5kg increase / week if work sets are above 100kg.  

Target 2.5kg increase / week if work sets are below 100kg.

Working example:  (Your current 1RM Snatch is 100kg)

Work at 80% of your 1RM Snatch for 4 x 2. Target 5kg increase / week if work sets are above 100kg. Target 2.5kg increase / week if work sets are below 100kg.

Week 1 of the cycle - Work at 80% of your 1RM Snatch for 4 sets of 2 reps. (Today's work sets at 80kg)

Week 2 of the cycle - Increase by 5kg (Today's work sets at 85kg)

Week 3 of the cycle - Increase by 5kg (Today's work sets at 90kg)

Week 4 of the cycle - Increase by 5kg (Today's work sets at 95kg)

If your current 1RM is right at the Upper/Lower Split, use your best discretion.


What is an Anchor Date and how are they used in the Barbell WOD Programs? 

Using Anchor Dates help to ensure proper periodization and prevent plateaus by peaking and deloading throughout the year. The Barbell WOD is structured using the Open as its major anchor date of the year while The Barbell WOD Plus is built to use the Games date for proper peaking.  

Regardless of whether or not you are a competitive fitness athlete, having Anchor Dates is key to long term development.