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The Barbell WOD


$15 / Month or Commit and Save - $150 / Year

The Barbell WOD Plus


$20 / Month or Commit and Save - $200 / Year

Hear From Our Members

The Barbell WOD is hands down the most structured strength program I've ever been on.  Since day one of CrossFit my weakness was my strength.  I've tried every squat cycle from smolov to hatch and I've never felt as consistent, strong and fresh as I do on the Barbell WOD now.  Continuing my metcons alongside the lifting isn't anymore than I can handle.  Simple, proven and fun!

Noah Ohlsen (CrossFit Games Top Finisher and Wodapooloza back-to-back Champion)

I wanted to share my 10lb PR on my clean! #155!  It's been a year being stuck at #145!!  Who would have thought and I am the lightest I've been ever at 54kg!  Thank you Barbell WOD for your awesome programming!!

Nemesia (Barbell WOD Member)

I absolutely love this program! I've been following it for a couple months and I've PR'd my overhead squat at 200#s, clean at 210#s and clean & jerk at 205#s in this past month alone! This is exactly what I've needed to take my training to the next level.

Christina (Barbell WOD Plus Member)

New Clean 1RM, new Squat 3RM and new Sumo Deadlift 3RM.  Cheers bbwod!

Alex (Barbell WOD Member)

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